Faunt Still in News

Al Roker.

A crew from The Weather Channel was in Doug Faunt’s living room on Friday (November 16) recording an interview with him for Al Roker’s show about Coast Guard rescues.

Faunt was one of the crew members picked up from a life raft after their ship, a replica of H.M.S. Bounty, sank during Hurricane Sandy.

Faunt is a long-time sf fan who lives in the Bay Area.

Roker’s show is Coast Guard Alaska.

[Thanks to Gary Farber for the story.]

One thought on “Faunt Still in News

  1. Waiting to check the weather while waking up this morning, I just happened to notice Doug’s face briefly on my TV screen, and paid enough attention to see that the H.M.S. Bounty rescue episode will be shown on The Weather Channel at 8PM EST tonight.

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