Field of Dreams…

By James H. Burns: I’m surprised when some people don’t realize that Field of Dreams is a time travel movie. To me, it’s one of the best (and I suspect there still a great number of genre, and other fans, who simply have never seen it.) Baseball, in fact, is only one of the film’s many remarkable facets, with a particularly strong set of sequences with James Earl Jones (“WHO is Moonlight Grahm?”) I’m pretty sure I mention some of this in a podcast special tribute to Field’s 25th anniversary, put together by Craig Jamison, also featuring commentary by fantasy illustrator Adam Hughes, and the eminent science fiction movie and film music historian/journalist Steve Vertlieb.

Intriguingly, Jamison has been busy shooting a documentary about Vertlieb for well over a year, entitled The Man Who Saved The Movies, previews of which (including footage with Ray Bradbury and Veronica Carlson) can be found all over the web, and on YouTube.

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  1. One of the things on my “bucket list” is to play a game of softball (or even actual baseball, although I’m not nearly as good at it) on that basepath. I consider it “Holy Ground” of the sort on which members of Clan McCloud couldn’t fight or be fought by for the Quickening.

  2. But David, don’t you realize that every time yoiu play a game of softball, and you can feel the magic in a grain of sand, “The Field of Dreams” is already with you?

    (Ahem. With a tip of my baseball cap to Charles G. Finney, Charles Beaumont (and Ben Hecht…))

    A quick FIELD OF DREAMS story.

    A few years ago, as some of you here may have noticed, I wound up with a new crew of cats.

    Now, FIELD is one of those movies (along with THE DIRTY DOZEN, oddly enough, and some others), that if I happen to be channel surfing and come across it, and leave it on for a few minutes… Well, I might well be in the duration!

    One late evening, about a year or so ago, I was thence watching the movie,and at one point, as is often the case with this film, I was overwhelmingly moved.

    My cats began staring at me.

    Really looking like something was wrong.

    With nothing evidently amiss in my home, it suddenly hit me

    They had never seen me cry before!

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