File 770 #166 The Magazine Is Available at eFanzines

I finished a new issue of the magazine-format File 770 at the end of July and sent it to Bill Burns for posting at eFanzines. Unfortunately, I hadn’t announced the new issue here before I was overtaken by medical problems and swept off to the hospital. The issue has been stealthily waiting online until I returned to tell Filers it exists.

Click to download a copy.

File 770 #166 has excellent original material.

John Hertz interviews Ctein about The Saturn Run, his first fiction book with John Sandford.

Dave Doering does truly impressive detective work to identify the New York City site of the first Worldcon — Caravan Hall – using historic photos.

And John Hertz’ “The Worldcon I Saw” reports in detail about Sasquan, the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane.

I also reprinted one of my favorite feature articles by the late James H. Burns, “Once, When We All Were Scientists,” and two others deserving another read, “Crusader Clifford Clinton and His Cafeteria, Clifton’s” by John Hertz, and “File Still Open: A Celebration of a Newsletter” by Taral Wayne.

Taral also did the cover art, and Jose Sanchez the back cover.

Now that the issue is no longer the worst kept secret on the internet, I hope you will take a look at it and enjoy reading these articles, as well as the other features.

12 thoughts on “File 770 #166 The Magazine Is Available at eFanzines

  1. Jim’s article made me nostalgic for both those times and him.

    Too many obits.

    Dave’s detective work at finding images of the hallowed ground of the first Worldcon was great! My fave part of the ish.

    (Here endeth the LoC.)

  2. This is a great old-school fanzine. As a lapsed FAPA member I’m happy to see the tradition of the print fanzine lives on with File 770. My compliments to Mike and the contributors.

    I had font troubles viewing the PDF, but when I reloaded it they went away. Progress!

  3. Great issue, Mike. I, too, remember turning the pages of paper issues. I was always excited to get my copy of File 770.

  4. I particularly enjoyed the Ctein interview, I’m always fascinated by how collaborations actually work. (Alternating words and all that…)

  5. I get a kind of nostalgic happiness when I see those cartoons with the green winged aliens in them. I’m quite sure I have seen them in swedish fanzines, but no idea when or in what as I have never really been a reader of them.

  6. John Hertz’ interview with Ctein was great. I had already read Ctein’s Big Idea piece, and I’ve heard him talk about Saturn Run and the collaboration with Sandford. And yet I learned several new insights from the interview. Well done. Really, everything associated with this book has been first-rate. It’s been a lot of fun seeing Ctein be so excited and happy about it. And I had a lot of fun reading it, too.

  7. Hampus Eckerman: The wingnuts are by “Teddy Harvia”, an anagrammatic fan from Texas. He is a Rotsler Award winner. And there is a treasure trove of his art on his website at I worked for him on LoneStarCon 2 (1997 in San Antonio). He was a great boss — he made sure I did not have to go to any meetings. He also is an excellent writer. His fan-writing is not easy to find, he is so much more prolific as a cartoonist, but it is well worth looking for.

  8. The WingNuts by Teddy Harvia are alive and well at The 200+ WingNut Logic cartoons that appeared on postcards to friends are now being posted one at a time for a wider audience, in addition to cartoons featuring other characters: the Fourth Fannish God Chat, the Goddess Opuntia, the demon Belphegor, and Enid the Echidna. The cartoonist invites you to stop by and be amused. Mike Glyer may even publish more cartoons in File 770. If he doesn’t have any more in his files, he should ask for more.

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