File 770 Issue #159: Anatomy of a Fanzine

Cover by Alan White for File 770 #159

The April 2011 issue of File 770 is now available in PDF.

Alan White’s cover leads off Issue #159, a dramatic color tribute to Weird Tales.

The art inside is by Taral, Alexis Gilliland, Alan Beck, Steve Stiles, Brad Foster and Bill Rotsler. Photos have been contributed by Robert Sawyer, Andrew Porter, Diana Glyer, Helen Montgomery, Marty Cantor, John King Tarpinian, Lynn Maudlin, and the late Bruce Pelz.

The issue is posted here in four sections because I’m forced to work around WordPress’ size limit on uploaded files. I have asked Bill Burns to post it on eFanzines as well, which I expect will happen when he comes back from Eastercon.

I. File_770_159_pages_1-23 [PDF file]

John Hertz reports from the 2010 NASFiC and Worldcon
The Annual Fanzine Fans’ Get-Together: The 2011 Corflu in Sunnyvale, California by Marty Cantor
Capclave, by Martin Morse Wooster
Obituaries:  appreciations of Len Moffatt, Mike Glicksohn, Glen GoodKnight, George Scithers, Ruth Speer and others.
John King Tarpinian covers LA’s  week-long celebration of Ray Bradbury’s 90th birthday.

II. File_770_159_pages_24-34 [PDF file]

This entire section is devoted to Taral’s epic faanish trivia quiz The Only Gameshow in Town, 150 Questions for the Trufan

III. File_770_159_pages_35-44 [PDF file]

The History of the Keith Kato Chili Party by Keith G. Kato
The Heart of a City, Amsterdam by James Bacon

IV. File_770_159_pages_45-54 [PDF file]

There are two fannish commentaries on Wiscon’s withdrawal of its GoH invitation to Elizabeth Moon:
MoonFail, wow. by España Sheriff
The Moondoggle: Can’t Win, Don’t Try by Chris Garcia
The balance of this section is the letter column, The Fanivore.

I hope there won’t be restrictions on how many megabytes people can download from this site. I haven’t used this arrangement before — we will all find out together!