File 770 Meetup at Sasquan Being Planned

Greg Machlin is reaching out to everyone who might be interested in a File 770 Get-Together at the Worldcon. (Click and scroll down to see message.)

Hi all. I’ve officially emailed Sasquan Program to request a meetup room for Thursday 8/20 at 530 PM for the File 770 meetup; there is also a FB event for the meetup so I can track RSVPs, and for anyone who missed the discussion in the 1000+ comment threads. Here’s the Facebook event to RSVP to; it’s open to the public so ya don’t even have to friend me.

Here is the link to the Facebook event. Let him know if you’d like to be there.

4 thoughts on “File 770 Meetup at Sasquan Being Planned

  1. (Almost goes without saying, but it should be said–thank you, Mike, for the post and for all your hard work in general.)

    P.S. To answer a question on the facebook page–Lurkers welcome!

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