File 770 Turns 8

Happy birthday CROP

The File 770 blog is 8 years old today, and this is the first time I have ever celebrated — an idea I picked up from The Book Smugglers last week.

James H. Burns has written a special column for the occasion, and I am going to commemorate our epic bracket competitions from the past year.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their creativity in comments and posts. Help yourself to a slice of virtual cake!

58 thoughts on “File 770 Turns 8

  1. They took Mike Glyer to the worldcon,
    To meet and greet with the fans,
    And every man and woman that went walking by
    Said ‘there goes a fan writing man’.

  2. Late to the party, but happy birthday to File770, and many thanks to Mike for Olympic quality hosting .
    This virtual cake’s lasting well …

  3. Happy Birthday, File 770!

    Oh look there is still some cake left! Ooo, almond butter and ganache frosting, my favorite! Thank you!

    Stoic Cynic, Kurt Busciek–very nice verses!

  4. After everybody else has left, I stumble thorough the door, reeking of elderberries. “Happy birthday! Thanks for everything you do, Mike!”

    Oh look, there’s a nice comfy couch. I settle in for the next eight years.

  5. Many thanks for all the time and effort you spend making this such a wonderful, worthwhile community, Mike.

    I suspect that, one year ago, you never envisioned that things would be like this a year further on. I hope that the “hit by a Mack truck” feeling has worn off now. 😉

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