File 770’s 50 Most-Read Stories of 2014

Here are the 50 the news stories and commentaries people were most interested in reading in 2014.

File 770 broke some of these stories — like Tor pulling its MZB birthday article, Harlan Ellison’s stroke, the turnover in the WisCon committee. In other cases people linked here as the story of record for certain information — the list of 2014 Hugo nominees that had been on Larry Correia’s slate, or various developments with convention harassment complaints.

That’s the work I like to take credit for. However, I confess item #4 ranks that high because it was such a spectacular dud everyone came to see for themselves…

1. Yanks MZB Birthday Tribute
2.       Somewhere Puppies Are Smiling
3.       Ellison In Hospital Following Stroke
4.       Seven Days In May
5.       More Changes In WisCon Committee Revealed
6.       Letter To A Higher Critic
7.       The Invisible Fanwriter Hugo
8.       Asimov Still Holds The Record
9.       Archon 38 Cancels Bolgeo As Fan GoH
10.   Wright Quits SFWA, Torgersen To Follow
11.   Two More Con Code of Conduct Complaints Go Public
12.   USA Today Weighs In On Hugos
13.   Jim Frenkel Banned By Wiscon
14.   Larry Correia’s Vulgar Blog Post – His Word
15.   Loncon 3’s Hugo MC Withdraws
16.   John Cocchi Missing
17.   Stu Shiffman (1954-2014)
18.   A Lawful Alignment
19.   Beijing in 2016 Worldcon Bid
20.   Hugo Statistics Dress Sad Puppies in Black Armbands
21.   The Comic-Con Police Blotter
22.   Is Your Club Dead Yet?
23.   Mary Poppins, Murderess?
24.   Bolgeo Ouster Triggers Backlash
25.   Looking for Angel to Save Bradbury’s Hugo
26.   Breendoggle History Wiki
27.   Petition Targets SFWA Bulletin Oversight
28.   Terry Pratchett’s Coat-of-Arms
29.   William H. Patterson Jr. (1951-2014)
30.   A Case Study in Trolling
31.   2013 Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot
32.   Eyewitnesses to Ellison’s Recovery
33.   Why The Evidence Should Be Examined
34.   Nominee Withdraws From 2014 World Fantasy Awards
35.   A Harvest of Apologies
36.   Remembering “Science Fiction’s 50th Anniversary Family Reunion” at Noreascon Three (1989)
37.   Mark Rogers (1952-2014)
38.   2014 Hugo Award Nominees
39.   Vijay deSelby-Bowen Passes Away
40.   Libertarian Futurist Society Makes Retro Hugo Endorsement
41.   Fourth of Sierra Madre
42.   Sue Mason Wins 2014 Rotsler Award
43.   Tribute to Bill Patterson
44.   Classic Flash Gordon Rocket For Sale
45.   A Bouquet of Masquerade Photos From Loncon 3
46.   Bhob Stewart (1937-2014)
47.   Frank Dietz Passes Away
48.   Hugo Nominated Fauxzines
49.   Get Those Old People Off My (Artificial) Grass
50.   Ackerman Auction Takes in Quarter Million