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Did you know File 770 is blocked by the Great Firewall of China? Rich Lynch reports:

I’m in the People’s Republic of China on a business trip all this week and discovered that the F770 website is blocked over here! I didn’t realize that you were such a subversive!

Now you know.

Of course, I also can’t read my blog on my work computer. So you could say, in a manner of speaking, that the U.S. government blocks it too.  

Can any fan’s blog come more highly recommended than that?

8 thoughts on “File Not Found

  1. It’s because you keep mentioning anti-gov’t type likes SEK3, or either of the professional Neils (J. and L.) who told some PRC bureaucrat to jump in the lake, or maybe it’s because you’re an official minor government bureaucrat as cover for being Agent Ook-Ook Seven of the CIA(*) who fought Mao Zedong of the evil organization S.L.O.B.B.E.R(**).

    (*)(the Celestial Intervention Agency in the Whoniverse)

    (**) Secret League Of Bheer-Buying Entertaining Roscoists.

  2. The PRC is just miffed at Science Fiction as a whole. We never write about the future in which China has assumed its place as cultural, political, scientific and financial leader of the entire world, and get to all the nifty stuff in space that people in SF with names like Luke Skywalker and Hari Seldon do.

  3. Re: Petrea MItchell. Blocking non-essential access at the workplace isn’t so much censorship as petty-minded employers. I suppose if you brought your smart phone in to work you could access File 770 whether they like it or not.

  4. Petrea-the free wifi at Bob Evans Restaurants also blocks efanzines as a possible pornographic site.

  5. Taral, there were stories like that in Dimensions SF, the “book-a-zine” that was published with stories and columns like a magazine but in mass-market paperback form so it would stay longer on the bookrack than a digest magazine did on the magazine rack.

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