Filer Meetup at Belge Bar & Bistro

Courtesy of Eric Wong, here are photos of Thursday’s File 770 meetup at Belge Bar & Bistro in Helsinki. (The last shot is from the place’s own website.) Identifications to come, hopefully.

Update: Hampus Eckerman identified the Filers in the first photo, going clockwise around the table: Björn Eckerman, NickPheas, Heather Rose Jones, Anna Feruglio Dal Dan, Kendall, Chad Saxelid, Greg Hullender, Jonas Eckerman.

16 thoughts on “Filer Meetup at Belge Bar & Bistro

  1. I am not deliberately hiding my face in both the pictures I appear in, just seems to have worked out that way.

  2. Btw – there is a presentation later today about “Where there are cats, there is civilisation”. Unfortunately it runs concurrently with the Hugos….

  3. Top one, from top left and around;

    Björn Eckerman
    Nick Pheas
    Heather Rose Jones
    Anna Fergulio Dan Dal
    Chad Saxwick
    Greg Hullender
    Jonas Eckerman

    I’ll try to get back with what I remember from the rest when I have more time.

  4. Hi! I’m the guy with the yellow hoodie. Not much of a commenter lately (and not under this name), but I’ve been lurking quite regularly. I appreciate File770 and all the nice people I met yesterday very much. Cheers to Mike!

  5. Actually Eric, I see you have managed to capture my bald spot in all three pictures. Must have been planned!

  6. Apologies to anyone I didn’t officially meet (like @Oskari Rantala and Hampus’s brother). Being a shy introvert, I’m not always good at saying “hi” first.

  7. @Hampus / @OGH: that’s FerUGlio, not FerGUlio. Considering where you were, I’ll appertain a Duvel out of the cellar.

    Sorry I couldn’t be there; not being home-and-conscious this Sunday (at the latest) would have been an issue. I’ve bailed on a Worldcon before due to abruptly needing to be elsewhere, but 5 hours’ drive (Montreal – Boston) isn’t such a time&money commitment as a plane to Helsinki.

  8. Chip Hitchcock: You’ve got appertainment credit to last you awhile at this blog, glad you can finally avail yourself of your stock.

  9. I’m the one at the far left in the second picture, with the checkered shirt and not much hair.

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