Filers at Worldcon — A Schedule

By Hampus Eckerman: Now that the Dublin 2019 Worldcon Program has arrived, I have tried to compile all schedule with all appearances of Filers. I might have missed some, especially when I can’t remember what names they have apart from the nick, so there might be gaps. Please enter a comment here if I have missed you.

I also added the main events that I expect a lot of Filers will be at, and thus not good for meetups (Opening Ceremonies, Business Meeting, Masquerade, Hugos, Closing Ceremony).

After having reviewed these schedules, my proposal for Filer meetups are the following:

First Filers Almost Sleeping on SFF Meetup

Thursday 15:th of August, 18:00

I will try to find out the best place for the meetup, somewhere in the convention center (or extremely close nearby). This should be a good place to meet to go to the Opening Ceremonies together for those that haven’t already made arrangement with other fans. Or go and have a snack together before.

Filer Live Action Pixel Scroll Meetup

Saturday 17:th of August, 17:30 – 19:30

There will still be a collision with some filer panels here, but it is a hard time to find a gap where no one is occupied. I will try to book something as close as possible to the convention center.  We can do a meetup in the convention center and walk together.

Thursday 15th of August

  • 10:00 – 10:50      Fanzines Now!     Greg Hullender
  • 11:00 – 11:50      Is it about a bicycle? The influences of a comedic genius     Nicholas Whyte, Nigel Quinlan
  • 11:00 – 11:50      Crime and punishment in the age of superheroes     Chris M. Barkley
  • 11:30 – 12:20      Introduction to working with leather     Ingvar Mattsson
  • 12:00 – 12:50      A musical history of swedish fandom    Karl-Johan Norén
  • 13:00 – 13:50      Non-English language SFF television     Cora Buhlert
  • 13:00 – 13:50      Reading     Jo Walton  
  • 13:00 – 13:50      Evolution of Fanzines     Jerry Kaufman
  • 13:30 – 14:20      Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker     Liz Bourke
  • 14:00 – 14:50      Sports in science fiction and fantasy     Chris M. Barkley
  • 14:00 – 14:50      Dragons and debutantes: fantasy set in the Regency     Heather Rose Jones
  • 15:30 – 17:20      Speed crafting – session 1     Cora Buhlert
  • 15:30 – 16:20      How to Manage Finite Natural Resources     Nigel Quinlan
  • 16:00 – 16:50      ‘Celtic’ Fantasy and Mythology     Kathryn Sullivan
  • 16:00 – 17:50      Mark Protection Committee (MPC) meeting     Kevin Standlee
  • 16:30 – 17:20      Armour and armour-making     Ingvar Mattsson
  • 17:00 – 17:50      Literary Beer: Ellen Datlow     Ellen Datlow
  • 17:00 – 17:50      Is Literary Escapism Good for Kids?     Nigel Quinlan
  • 18:00 – 18:50      Talking Animal Characters in SFF     Lise Andreason
  • 20:00 – 20:50      Introduction to hopepunk     Jo Walton
  • 20:00 – 21:50      Opening Ceremonies, featuring the 1944 Retro Hugo Awards 

Friday 16th of August

  • 10:00 – 12:50      WSFS Business Meeting: preliminary
  • 10:00 – 10:50      Autographs     Jo Walton
  • 10:30 – 11:20      Star Trek: Discovery season 3     Liz Bourke
  • 11:30 – 12:20      So you want to enter the Masquerade?     Kevin Roche
  • 10:30 – 11:20      Autographs     Catherynne Valente
  • 12:00 – 12:50      Bridging the language barrier: translated SFF     Cheryl Morgan
  • 13:00 – 13:50      Sharp storytelling     Ingvar Mattsson
  • 15:00 – 15:50      Introduction to SFF romance     Cora Buhlert
  • 15:00 – 15:50      How to create anthologies     Ellen Datlow
  • 16:00 – 16:50      Using SFF as sandboxes for ideas on politics and society     Nicholas Whyte 
  • 16:30 – 16:50      Reading     Catherynne Valente
  • 17:00 – 17:50      Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading     Kathryn Sullivan
  • 17:00 – 17:50      Autographs     Ellen Datlow
  • 19:00 – 19:50      Hugo finalists discussion: Best Dramatic Presentation     Olav Rokne
  • 20:00 – 20:50      Anniversary: The Left Hand of Darkness (book)     Cheryl Morgan

Saturday 17th of August

  • 10:00 – 10:50      Revolutions in an era of advanced technology     Catherynne Valente
  • 10:00 – 11:00      Masquerade contestant briefing     Kevin Roche
  • 10:00 – 12:50      WSFS Business Meeting: main session
  • 11:00 – 11:50      Critics talk 2018: the year in books     Liz Bourke
  • 12:00 – 12:50      Building the SFF community online     Heather Rose Jones
  • 13:00 – 13:50      Kaffeeklatsch     Catherynne Valente
  • 13:30 – 14:20      The global multiverse: the comics scene worldwide     Cora Buhlert
  • 13:30 – 14:20      Re-imagining national epics     Jo Walton
  • 14:00 – 14:50      Young adults versus… the world!     Catherynne Valente
  • 15:00 – 15:50      Changing climates, changing world     Olav Rokne
  • 15:30 – 16:20      Robots before RUR     Cheryl Morgan
  • 16:00 – 16:50      Group Reading: Speculative Performance Poetry     Nigel Quinlan
  • 16:00 – 17:50      Fan Funds Auction     Jerry Kaufman
  • 17:00 – 17:50      Tall technical tales     Ingvar Mattsson
  • 17:00 – 17:50      Horror: where are we going?     Ellen Datlow
  • 17:00 – 17:50      Kaffeeklatsch     Jo Walton
  • 20:00 – 22:00      Masquerade 
  • 21:00 – 21:50      Panel show: ‘That was unexpected!’     Catherynne Valente 

Sunday 18th of August

  • 10:00 – 10:50      What I read when I was young     Catherynne Valente
  • 10:00 – 12:50      WSFS Business Meeting: Site Selection
  • 10:00 – 10:50      Autographs      Heather Rose Jones
  • 10:00 – 10:50      Down the Rabbit Hole: The Appeal of Portal Fantasy     Kathryn Sullivan
  • 11:00 – 11:50      Orville vs. Discovery     Lise Andreason
  • 11:00 – 11:50      How Science and Ordinary People Can Change the Future     Rich Lynch
  • 13:30 – 14:20      Get us out of the Twilight Zone: the work of Jordan Peele     Chris M. Barkley
  • 14:00 – 14:50      Ditch Diggers podcast: live recording     Ursula Vernon
  • 15:00 – 15:50      Breaking into short horror fiction markets     Ellen Datlow
  • 15:00 – 15:50      Autographs     Kathryn Sullivan
  • 15:30 – 16:00      Children’s singalong / filking session     Karl-Johan Norén
  • 15:30 – 16:20      Behind the seams of the Masquerade     Kevin Roche
  • 15:30 – 16:20      Fan podcasts     Heather Rose Jones
  • 16:00 – 16:50      Using science in fantasy writing     Jo Walton
  • 16:00 – 16:50      Origins of Irish Fandom     Jerry Kaufman
  • 17:30 – 18:20      Parents and children in fandom     Karl-Johan Norén
  • 20:00 – 22:00      The 2019 Hugo Awards Ceremony

Monday 19th of August

  • 10:00 – 12:50      WSFS Business Meeting
  • 10:00 – 10:50      No, what do you mean by AI?     Kevin Roche 
  • 10:30 – 11:20      Irish science and scientific discoveries     Nicholas Whyte
  • 11:00 – 11:50      Breaking the Glass Slipper podcast: live recording     Jo Walton
  • 11:00 – 11:50      Kaffeeklatsch     Liz Bourke
  • 13:30 – 14:20      Challenges in men’s costume     Kevin Roche
  • 13:30 – 13:50      Reading     Heather Rose Jones
  • 16:30 – 17:20      Irish Myths and Legends for Children     Nigel Quinlan
  • 16:30 – 17:20      Closing Ceremonies

[Update 08/05/2019: Added Filer schedule items.]

45 thoughts on “Filers at Worldcon — A Schedule

  1. I’ve got A Thing at 18:30 on Thursday but, depending on where the meet up is, I may be able to at least poke my head in.

    I should be able to make it on Saturday.

  2. New progress report.

    I think this part is important to know (page 9):

    “The CCD want to ensure queueing can take place safely before busy major events so they have asked that we implement a system to deal with it. As a result, Dublin2019 will have a Box Office for some events. The Box Office only applies to a few performances taking place in the Main Auditorium:

    • The Opening / Retro Hugo Ceremony (Thursday)
    • The Orchestral Evening (Friday)
    • Masquerade (Saturday)
    • The Hugo Award Ceremony (Sunday).

    You will not need to go to the Box Office for anything on Second Stage, on Programme, at The Point or in any other performance space. We will not be giving out tickets from the Box Office – instead, you will be given a wrist band. Wrist bands are free and will denote which entrance you can use to enter the Auditorium and at what time (please do not turn up earlier than the time allocated as you will only be turned away). The wrist bands will allow access
    from the Third Floor (Auditorium Stalls) at 7pm or 7.30pm or the Fourth Floor (Auditorium Circle) at 7pm or 7.30pm. Performances start at 8pm, so there is plenty of time to get everyone into the venue.

    A few more points:

    • The Box Office will be open from 1pm – 4pm on the days of Performance. It will be in the downstairs foyer, next to Registration.
    • We will only be allocating wristbands for that day’s event. There will be different coloured wristbands depending on the day.
    • You may collect up to 6 wristbands at a time for friends and family, but please do not over-collect – Once we have run out of
    wrist bands, the auditorium is considered full and we cannot let people in without wristbands. It would be a great pity to turn people away if there were still seats available.”

    (there’s some more points in the report)

    If we want to be able to sit together, it means that we will have to agree on what floor we want to sit on and most likely what time to enter. We can use comment section here to coordinate pickups of wristbands.

  3. Thank you all for compiling the logistical information in a handy place. Regarding meet-ups, I have a tentative pre-existing plan for Thursday dinner but will put the Saturday meet-up on my calendar.

    I will definitely want to find co-Hugo-watchers, but I think I want to leave those specifics open for now.

    I’m in Dublin for the week before Worldcon as well, doing some sightseeing and visiting. If anyone is arriving early enough to want to find co-conspirators on the Wednesday immediately before the con (i.e., the 14th) I’ll be available and interested.

  4. I’ll be arriving to Dublin on Friday evening. I’m open for lunch, dinner or to do some attractions together. I’m thinking of going to ComicCon that is in the convention center during the weekend.

    Otherwise, I’m not always the best to go sightseeing with as I tend to walk everywhere and never really linger in one place. But doing a tour or a museum with someone else can be a nice change.

  5. I should be arriving Dublin sometime Wednesday afternoon, my plans so far are “get to my hotel, check in, dump bags”.

  6. I’ll be arriving to Dublin on Friday evening

    Presume that means Friday this week?

    I shall be arriving Tuesday early afternoon and immediately reporting for Registration/MIMO services as needed. I hope to be about for the proposed Thursday night meet up. I haven’t gotten as far as planning Friday TBH. Looks like the programme is now up on Grenadine, so I might have a better idea this time tomorrow.

  7. I’ll be around from at least Thursday, and in Dublin before then, though I’ve not decided my schedule yet. Feel free to say hello if you spot me – I’ll have a badge with my avatar image on in case of doubt.

  8. I’m beginning to think of myself as a Filer second class at least, so here’s my schedule to add to your list:

    15 August Thursday 13:00-13:50 Evolution of fanzines

    17 August Saturday 16:00 – 17:50 Fan funds auction

    18 August Sunday 16:00 – 16:50 Origins of Irish fandom

  9. Thanks, Jerry! Was headdesking a bit when I saw your comment in the other thread. Hope to see you there.

  10. Thanks for organizing, @Hampus Eckerman! 😀 I haven’t looked at the schedule yet, but I’m pretty sure I can make it Thursday night, from a quick skim. I’m a little less sure about Saturday night, but I’ll try.

    My spouse & I will be in Dublin starting Sunday, staying with my brother & his family and seeing things in and near Dublin (still finalizing plans). We should check into our con hotel Wednesday night. After the con, we’ll be traveling around Ireland till we leave the following Sunday. Yay! Now if only we didn’t leave most of our planning till the last minute. Boo! 😛

  11. Thanks for organizing this, Hampus.

    I’ll be arriving in Dublin on Tuesday afternoon. I offered to help to set up the craft lounge on Wednesday (and may help out around the exhibition area in general), but otherwise I’m free.

    I will definitely drop by at the Thursday meeting after my workshop finishes, though I probably won’t be able to stay long, because I have plans for lunch. No idea about Saturday yet.

  12. Mike has added some more Filer programme items at my request, so you may wish to have another look at the list.

  13. I’ll be arriving in Dublin on Sunday with my family for some sightseeing before the con; we’ll also be staying around Dublin for a couple of days after the con, followed by a bus tour of Ireland. I hope to make one or both of the meetups!

  14. I am terrible about commenting here, but I managed to get tickets for the con the other week, am a Dublin native and are all for hanging out both at and outside the con.

  15. @Hampus: Kudos, again, for the awesome organization!
    I should be able to make one of the two meetups.
    At Worldcon itself, I’m going to be very present on Friday and Saturday — and very, very little on the other days; Rachel and I only have a few days to ourselves, in Ireland, away from Things #1, 2, and 3…

    I’m deliberately keeping a low-key schedule for Friday and Saturday, because I want to see people way more than I want to hear panels. I’d love to make hangout plans (or go-into-something-together plans) with anybody who’d like to 🙂

  16. I haven’t got an answer from the place I’d hoped for, so sat-sun I’ll be walking around to some different places to see what will work. I’ll start by George’s Dock if someone wants to join me.

  17. Opening hours for a lot of places in the immediate area around the convention centre might be variable for Saturday and Sunday – much of the surrounding area is office spaces that generally aren’t open at weekends and some of the pubs, cafés and restaurants in the immediate area might not be open. It might be easier to find somewhere around O’Connell Street, which is only 3 stops away on the luas

  18. That’s where I’ll go if the closest places don’t work. I have a small list that I will go through, but priority is closeness. George’s Dock has the advantage to also be near the closest convention hotel.

  19. Did you check with the Harbourmaster? it’s right beside George’s dock, and they’re definitely open on Saturday.

  20. Me, Greg and Eric are meeting by Harboutmaster around at 18:00, then we are going to check out the places around. If anyone want to join.

    So expect an update with times and places for filer meetups the day after.

  21. In terms of people who are planning to do some sightseeing, I’m going to invoke nepotism and suggest you check out Kilmanham Gaol. It’s an old jail that was put back into use in 1916 to inter people who fought in the rising – the leaders were executed in the workyard. Following independence it was restored and converted into a museum, which is mostly dedicated to the Rising but also covers the Gaol’s use prior to that.

    My great-grandfather was one of the people interred there in 1916, and narrowly avoided execution. He was on the committee that managed the purchase and restoration of the site as well, and one of his daughters was a tour guide there for many years.

    Unlike most museums held in the public trust, you do need to pay in, and spaces for the tour are limited, but they’re not hugely expensive, I think €7 per adult.

    (sadly, it’s not massively accessible, given its nature as a hundreds of years old jail they’ve kept parts of intact as it was a literal century ago)

  22. Urban Brewing have go through their booking manager that didn’t answer when I mailed. I think Brew Dock next.

  23. Having a great time seeing various sights or sighting various seas. My originally “left somewhat open for spontaneity” schedule has filled itself up nicely. If I’d spotted Hampus’s invite to the venue exploration in time I might have joined. (Usually I keep the daily scrolls open in tabs until the comments have died down, but I’m not keeping up with things very well while traveling, so this comment thread is the only one I’m checking on regularly.)

  24. I have left my contact info with three different places that will contact me tomorrow. So we will see what works best.

    Me, Greg and Erik ate at the tapas version of Urban Brewery and it was really nice. Sorry to say, that place only takes bookings to a maximum of eight persons.

  25. @Hampus, I meant to post before you went to the Gaol, but hopefully you went up to the back of the museum and saw the video about the reconstruction of the Gaol, my great-grandfather is interviewed in it. They sometimes mention his name in the talk in the church – Seamus Brennan

    Also, his cell is the first or second on the right when you enter the main hall

  26. Nah, I had missed that I needed to book a tour, so haven’t been there yet. Will look at video!

  27. So you know what to look for, here’s an interview with him from British TV in 75

    (and there’s a link to another interview with him on the RTÉ website in the description)

  28. My family and I were thinking of taking a Gaol tour tomorrow after doing something else, but the problem is that all the tours for this week are already sold out (and there are very few times available next week for the days we could make after the con). They do say they release cancellations for same-day on-line purchase each morning between 9:15 and 9:30, but that seems tricky to manage while trying to go see other attractions as well. It seems like the Gaol is either something you need to arrange to tour well in advance, or make it absolutely your #1 priority for the day and get lucky. We’ll probably give it a reluctant pass.

  29. I just ordered a tour for Sunday, 9:15.

    Time and places for meetups have now been decided, new post on it soon. Days and times are unchanged from above.

  30. Yesterday I tagged along on the bus tour to Tara and Newgrange that Ultragotha and spouse had signed up for. We ended up being a party of 6 Worldcon-associated folks and went off to dinner after getting back to Dublin. I can now recommend two (2) places with excellent local lamb dishes. The Millstone (on Dame St. two blocks west of the main entrance of Trinity College) has a “lamb trio” that is great for the undecided. And Le Bon Crubeen (on Talbot St, about a block inland from the Custom House and so more in the convention neighborhood) had a succulent lamb rump roast that melted in your mouth. Both lean toward “foodie” presentations and prices, but if you’re in that mood, I can highly recommend.

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