Filers Wedge SFF Under Cats

JJ proves there’s no part of this meme that can’t be subverted, even the title.

Penwiper doing his usual Sphinx impression in Jabba II, on top of K.B. Wagers’ Beyond the Empire.


Photos of your felines resting on genre works are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

14 thoughts on “Filers Wedge SFF Under Cats

  1. Penwiper and his white locket are very, very similar to my own Little Dickens, who is currently sitting in a paper bag. Very, very similar. We accuse our boy of hiring himself out without sharing his moonlighting money when we see pictures like this, but he eschews huts, cups and all fluffy cat cushions, so I know it isn’t him.

  2. Penwiper and Dickens looks like clones. Is this part of the international catspiracy?

  3. This post is in honor of Filer tonieee’s recent de-lurking!

    Penwiper is his real cat name, but he usually gets called Pepper, or sometimes DAMMIT, DEMON CAT FROM HELL, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW??? He is a rescue, and even though I was assured that he wasn’t used to being outdoors (all my cats are indoor cats by my choice), he escaped out windows several times in the first year and a half I had him. Which was a problem, because I live 1/2 of a story/level up from the main floor, and have no easy way for him to get back in without my intervention. Eventually I managed to put a stop to it.

    But I am often unable to find him no matter where I look, and I am convinced that he has escaped again, and then he will magically reappear. So it would not surprise me at all if what is happening is that he has gone through Catspace to hang out at other Filers’ houses, with some (blatantly false) sob story about how he never gets any food from his owner.

  4. @Nancy Sauer, you’re welcome!

    @JJ, he’s probably at my house right now. Unfortunately I’m not home and can’t check. Have you ever seen my ginger cat, Pogo? He has a similar habit.

  5. Penwiper(?!): “No, I’m not done with the book. You can return when I am. But leave treats. There’s a good JJ.”

    Very attractive credential, @JJ! And good taste in books, unsurprisingly.

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