Film Fans and Critics: A Video Roundup

By Carl Slaughter. (1) Patrick Willems demonstrates how The Matrix uses screen transitions to chronicle Neo’s gradual transition from the Matrix to the real world.  And much more.

(2) Star Wars storytelling:  Rogue One versus Force Awakens.

(3) “It’s funny that a director whom film school snobs dismiss as being sappy or overly sentimental has spent much of his career terrifying audiences.”

Film essayist Patrick Willems demonstrates how Steven Spielberg and several other directors were successful as blockbuster directors because they transitioned from horror directors and continued to use horror tools in other genres.

(4) George Romero, the Cornetto trilogy, “Spaced,” Winchester rifles, pubs, precursors, and a fake rock band interview.  ScreenCrush tells you what you need to know about Shaun of the Dead.

(5) Remember Gremlins?  Maybe you showed it to your grandchildren a few Christmases ago.  Cracked‘s latest pop culture takedown is about this classic creature feature.

(6) Wisecrack offers 2 takes on Get Out.  One is a traditional literary analysis, one employs humor.  Both emphasize symbolism and themes.


(7) Hollywood adapts to the Chinese market, with mixed results.

(8) HyperDrive’s choice of 8 best dystopian films.