Final Hours of SFWA Silent Auction

Monday, May 17, at Noon PST, will bring a close to The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc., (SFWA) 2021 Silent Auction. Final bids may be placed at

The auction opened on May 10. In the past week, over 1,100 bids have been placed, with at least $9,500 raised for over 160 signed books and advanced reading copies (ARCs), collectibles, informal opportunities to spend time with fan favorite authors in virtual kaffeeklatsches, and services geared toward writers such a career advising, author assistance hours, and pitch and manuscript critiques. 

A number of outstanding items and opportunities are still available for $25 or less, at the time of this communication. To name a few:

  • A signed, limited edition of Ian R. MacLeod’s Journeys.
  • Seats for kaffeeklatsches with writers, editors, and agents such as Troy L. Wiggins, Phoebe Barton, Sarah Pinsker, and Lynne M. Thomas.
  • Framed trading cards from The Walter Day Collection, featuring science fiction and fantasy legends such as H.G. Wells and Larry Nivens. 

The most highly prized items and services available, at bids of $150 and higher at the time of this communication, include:

  • Virtual career coaching from authors and agents such as Seth Fishman, N.K. Jemisin, Catherynne M. Valente, and DongWon Song.
  • Virtual and written manuscript critiques from authors, editors, and agents such as Lucienne Diver, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Lynne M. Thomas.
  • Virtual kaffeeklatsch seats for spending an hour talking online with authors Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss.
  • A signed manuscript for Mary Robinette Kowal’s The Spare Man, which will be published in 2022.

Of course, there are a great many more items and services available between those price ranges. 

Proceeds from the auction will support SFWA’s expanding membership base of over 2,000 members, advocacy efforts for all writers such as launching the #DisneyMustPay campaign and task force, and initiatives to better serve marginalized communities within the larger speculative fiction writing world.

The auction infrastructure is furnished by a partnership with Worldbuilders, an organization of “geeks doing good” that supports humanitarian efforts worldwide.

For questions or to learn about donating your own goods or services for future auctions, contact the SFWA Fundraising Committee at [email protected].

[Based on a press release.]

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