8 thoughts on “Final Kong: Skull Island Trailer — Rise of the King

  1. Maybe. WHY does every director need to make some new twist, add some new horror? Just make a decent remake with modern quality and capabilities. I’d pay serious coin for that.

  2. My initial interest in Kong: Skull Island was zero. After all, the mighty Kong already had several outings and didn’t really need another.

    But I have to admit the trailers look intriguing. Giant monsters, fine actors, what’s not to like. Plus, the retro look reminiscent of Vietnam War movies puts Kong into a different era than the 1930s set original and Peter Jackson remake and the (then) contemporary set 1970s Dino de Laurentiis version.

  3. @Bruce Arthurs:

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a space station in possession of planet-shattering power, must be in want of a critical design flaw.

  4. After watching that trailer, I’m not at all sure this isn’t a parody.

    I really like Tom Hiddleston though.

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