6 thoughts on “Final Star Trek Beyond Trailer (#3)

  1. Bit by bit this movie seems more appealing. The trailers have improved sharply since the first lackluster one.

  2. Still not impressed. If they have to fill a trailer with music instead of teasing with a plot, I suspect there is no story. But I’ve become a cynic in my old age.

  3. Or, alternatively, that they would like people to be, you know, surprised by the story instead of having it all spelled out in the trailer?

    (Although I admit that I tend towards your interpretation. Because I too am a cynic.)

  4. Am I the only one who sees those aliens with the face paint and instantly thinks Cetaganda? Or have I just missed discussions of what seems to me an unavoidable comparison?

  5. You’d think they’d stop naming ships “Enterprise” – it’s cursed!

    Bit like building a castle in a swamp. This one set on fire then fell down.

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