First Class To Enter Canadian SF&F Hall of Fame

The new Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame will be introduced at the Aurora Awards ceremony during VCON 39/Canvention 34 this coming October 3-5 weekend.

The Hall of Fame’s inaugural class consists of the six Aurora Lifetime Achievement award winners — Phyllis Gotlieb, Judith Merril, Dennis Mullin, Robert J. Sawyer, A.E. van Vogt and Susan Wood — and three additional names selected by a jury — William Gibson, and Spider and Jeanne Robinson.

Gibson and the Robinsons are well-known writers.

Mullin has been an Aurora Award trustee for years.

The members of the CSFFA Hall of Fame Jury for 2014 are Clint Budd(CSFFA Board Appointee/Chair), Diane Walton, Lorna Toolis, Robert J. Sawyer and Steve Fahnestalk.

Update 09/09/2014: According to CSFFA President Clifford Samuels, Mullin is a past Lifetime Achievement Award winner. The jury added only Gibson and the Robinsons.

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