Foglios Boycott Dragon*Con

Kaja & Phil Foglio posted today on the Girl Genuis Webcomic Facebook page that they will not be going to Dragon*Con this year because of co-founder Ed Kramer’s history as an accused pedophile, and because Kramer’s significant income from his continued financial interest in Dragon*con (though he is no longer an officer) has afforded him the ability to mount a defense which has helped him avoid going to trial on the charges since they were brought 12 years ago.

The Foglios were invited to come to Dragon*Con as guests and say they will be sacrificing $15,000 of income by skipping the con.

They also posted a link to an article about Nancy Collins’ call for a Dragon*Con boycott.

The Foglios’ announcement has already received over 500 “likes” and 400 shares.

5 thoughts on “Foglios Boycott Dragon*Con

  1. Interesting argument. Should this Kramer have done the decent thing, then, and fallen on his sword? Or, despite the conviction for a quite heinous crime, is he still entitled to a life and a living? Don’t look at me for answers.

  2. Taral, look back at Mike’s “Ed Kramer” tag in the blog here. It’s a long and sordid story. I used to think that maybe, just maybe, the whole thing was drawn out because neither side had enough evidence of innocence or guilt so they were playing brinksmanship.

    Since the Connecticut incident, it’s become pretty obvious to everybody that Kramer has a bad case of the courtroom flu. As soon as he comes close to the courtroom, he’s debilitatingly sick. He couldn’t possibly be well enough for a trial. And in the past judges have bought that argument.

    When he’s in the wilds of Connecticut, he’s hale and hearty, engaging in all kinds of strenuous activity without the aid of respirators and other medical devices. That’s going to hurt his chances of convincing a judge he’s not well enough to stand trial.

    I just want to see him stand trial in Georgia and Connecticut for the crimes he’s been charged with. I don’t want to see him weasel out of standing trial again.

    As to the boycott? I’m already not going, so it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m not funneling money to Kramer, and I’m ok with that.

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