For Two-Fisted Drinking Captains

Fans locked in winter’s glacial grip feel their next pool party is lightyears away, but before you know it the season will turn and it’ll be time to order these accessories from Big Mouth.

Take a commanding view of the diving board while ensconced in the Star Trek Captain’s Chair Pool Float.

ST captain chair pool float

Meantime, keep your decision-making juice handy in the Captain Kirk Drink Kooler and the Spock Drink Kooler!


[Thanks to James H. Burns for the story.]

3 thoughts on “For Two-Fisted Drinking Captains

  1. When I first saw that first photo, I swear I thought that was a SEAT CUSHION, for the aging STAR TREK fan!

  2. That’s nothing … seeing those beer can coolers, the first thing that popped into my mind were the words, “Hey, howz it goin’ eh?” and “Beauty.”

  3. The pool floatie is perfect for the former Captain who, following his own advise, has gone on and found a life.

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