Forever War May Not Take Forever To Reach the Screen After All

Warner Bros. has outbid Sony for the rights to Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War reports Richard Edlund, who had the rights for 27 years, moved on after the project had been in development for seven years at Fox with Ridley Scott.

The project shifted over in the past month to [Channing] Tatum’s Free Association production company and Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment. They will produce along with Edlund and Louis Tedesco who brought the project to Lee on behalf of Edlund. Lee teamed up with Film 360 to produce the project.

Jon Spaihts will write the script based on Haldeman’s book, a 1976 Hugo and Nebula winner.

5 thoughts on “Forever War May Not Take Forever To Reach the Screen After All

  1. Good. Now can someone start making some movies based on Roger Zelazny’s work?

  2. It’s nice to see some action again on this, rather than another go-round.

  3. By the time they finally film The Forever War, it won’t seem as ahead of its time as it was. Another victim of time dilation.

  4. As we seem to keep starting new forever wars that also make no sense to the soldiers fighting them, Joe’s novel is still ahead of it’s time.

  5. No, the war stuff was very much of its time, and our time. The visionary material was in the social speculation, which is rapidly becoming less outre. Mandatory homosexuality? Women as combat troops? Ridiculous, guffaws the tastemaker circa 1973.

    No one’s dismissive now.

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