Forry Tapping at His Chamber Door?

Life After Death AckjermanNever mind that Forry disbelieved in any afterlife, Paul Davids’ The Life After Death Project analyzes the strange occurrences that some have interpreted as Famous Monsters founding editor — and one of Paul’s best friends — Forrest J Ackerman reaching out to communicate from beyond the grave.

Too bad I didn’t have this news before the documentary aired on Syfy tonight but all is not lost — the producer will happily sell you a copy of the DVD. In the meantime, sample this 8-minute intro video:

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

5 thoughts on “Forry Tapping at His Chamber Door?

  1. Being cable there is a good chance it will be repeated. Check your local listings.

  2. Robert Heinlein thought the Bridey Murphy recordings were valid for at least part of his life, and we know from the “Letters of Note” website that he wrote to Forry that Forry would one day see his brother, killed in the Battle of the Bulge, again. On the other hand, it’s the use of logic, reason, and above all else, getting the facts! (as prescribed in “The Notebooks of Lazarus Long”) which has led me to the realization that since thought — brain activity — is chemically based, when those chemical reactions cease, so does thought. As Grand Moff Tarkin said, your fire has gone out of the Universe. Dead is dead.

    On the other hand, if there were anyone who would have loved to haunt and tease his friends after death, it was Dr. Acula, Forry.

    Personally, what I find more interesting than the paranormal buzzword accounts of ghosts is how much the house at 3:21 in the video resembles Tommy’s Holiday Camp, as shown in the artwork for for the album TOMMY by The Who.

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