Fox Thwarts Mugging

Rose Fox, of PW’s Genreville, and her family were accosted by three muggers on December 10 who attempted to rob them while brandishing an L-shaped piece of plastic they hoped would be mistaken for a gun. Fox described the incident on her blog:

[Three] of those people–young men, age 19 to 22 or so–were walking very closely behind us. VERY closely. And they had black scarves over their faces. I think Josh noticed them first and then we all did and started walking faster.

One guy made beckoning motions and said something like “C’mere, c’mere”. We continued walking faster. Then he reached into his jacket and pulled out an object that was supposed to look like a gun. For a moment, I thought it was one, and I slowed a bit and said “Uh, guys?” to suggest that Josh and Xtina should look at him and be aware that he was threatening us with a weapon and that sort of changed the situation.

Then I looked at it again. It did not look like a gun. It looked like an L-shaped piece of plastic. And he didn’t handle it like a gun. I have seen handguns up close all of twice, in very different conditions; I am not anything like an expert. I knew this even as I was making the assessment, and I knew that a wrong assessment would be very dangerous. But… it just wasn’t right.

So she shouted loudly at them while Xtina dialed 911 and the would-be robbers fled. The police soon came and took them to identify some suspects the cops already had stopped, but they could not make a certain identification.

[Thanks to David Klaus for the story.]

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