Frankensteinly Speaking

John Hertz writes, “While trying to finish my Westercon LXVII report — I had occasion to phone Keri & Dave Doering, who immediately guessed what I was calling about — I happened to notice your commemoration of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. That should have been ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’, of course, but some of us take liberties. You may recall from Vanamonde 451…” —

Evelyn Leeper in her Millennium Philcon report called Darrell Schweitzer the only person to rhyme “Cthulhu” in a limerick.  I responded:

“Hey, Abbott!  I think it’s Cthulhu!”
“Such blubbering never will do, Lou.
When we met Frankenstein
The box office was fine;
You knew our next would be a lulu.”

1 thought on “Frankensteinly Speaking

  1. In turn I am reminded of the project online to write dictionary definitions of words in limerick form. One of my favorites was the definition of “abbot”:

    This monastery head is a fellow
    Never caught in a local bordello.
    He often recites,
    From the Bible, insights
    And not “Who’s on First” with Costello.

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