Free Comic Book Day 2015

Wake up, it’s Free Comic Book Day 2015! Participating comic book specialty across North America and throughout the world will be giving away comic books to the visitors in their shops! Use the locator on the website to search for a store near you.

The covers of 50 comics being handed out free, some with preview pages, are here.

There’s also current info on Facebook.

Get a briefing from this video:

Stan Lee gives children of all ages get a pep talk:

And Mark Hamill pitches Free Comics to those of us of the geezerly persuasion —

3 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2015

  1. Battle of Hogwarts anniversary, royal birth AND Free Comic Book Day? BEST DAY EVER.

  2. Bob’s Burgers (the television show) is arguably one of the sharpest, most richly-humored adult cartoons currently being produced. My family and I love this show.

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