Free Comic Book Day Is May 7

On Free Comic Book Day, May 7, participating comic book stores across North America and the world will be giving away comic books to visitors in their shops. Use the locator on the website to search for a store near you.

Click here to see the covers of 50 comics being handed out free – some of the links include preview pages,

There’s also current info on Facebook.

Get a briefing from this video:

And a string of comics creators promote Free Comic Book Day in this video:

2 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day Is May 7

  1. Come the day, I’ll be posting my and my friends’ own mini-comic to Flickr. One of its pages is by multiple Hugo nominee* Taral Wayne.

    *Recent events have rather robbed that phrase of its cachet, alas…

  2. Sigh. I remember when Jim Lee was the new young hotness in comic book art. Seeing his pic here in the frame from the video, looking kinda grandfatherly, is just another reminder that I’m getting oooollldddd.

    Wish those dang kids would pull their pants up, and get off my lawn!

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