Free Comics 10/25

Halloween Comic Fest 2014A month from today – on Saturday, October 25 – many local comic shops will be celebrating the Halloween Comic Fest by giving customers a free Halloween ComicFest comic.

Click the link for information and to search for your nearest participating shop.

STK649686 COMPLA County shops on the list include the fannish folk at Blastoff Comics, 5118 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood.

A list of all the free comics is here, and many have free preview pages available.

I saw one titled Afterlife With Archie. Remembering how, earlier this year, Archie died taking a bullet for his gay friend I was dubious. Then I scanned the preview and was relieved to discover Afterlife With Archie tells a completely unrelated story. Whew.

4 thoughts on “Free Comics 10/25

  1. I never saw the appeal of Free-Comic-Book-Day. Here you go to all the trouble of going downtown or the east-end to visit a comic book store, and what does the guy give you? The Amazing Turnip Boy #74. It probably came out of the box where he sells unwanted comics for a quarter, and couldn’t give it away on any other day. Value? Actually less than nothing, since it cost you car fare to get.

  2. That’s not the way it works, at least not in these parts. On the organized Free Comics Days, stores give away special promotional comics designed by publishers to showcase their lines and characters. Some stores may run local promotions like you describe. (And you have no idea how long I’ve been looking for a copy of Amazing Turnip Boy 74!)

  3. One of the nice things they do is that for $4.99 you can purchase a pack of 20 comic books to hand out on Halloween. Better than candy.

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