Free Eric Flint Audio Play Starts 9/19

Baen logoA four-part audio adaptation of Eric Flint’s novella “Islands” begins on the Baen Free Radio Hour podcast September 19.

Set within the world of the Belisarius alternate history series created by Flint and David Drake, the story takes place in the latter days of the Roman Empire. “A being from the future shows up bringing technological knowledge,” explains Baen editor Tony Daniel, author of the adaptation. “And so, the Romans in ‘Islands’ have the telegraph, muzzle loading rifles, and steam powered ships. In the midst of all this we have an epic love story playing out.”

Daniel adds that along with war zone action, the story has a strong and heroic female lead, a Roman noblewoman who becomes a crusader for wounded soldiers on her way to the front. “There’s something in the play for everyone.”

The script is performed by a cast of 15 professional voice actors, and the action is accompanied with original music and a full effects soundtrack.

After the series premieres with a thirty-minute episode on September 19, the other installments will be released on September 26, October 3, and October 10.

The serialized podcast will remain free for download. Once the miniseries is complete, the entire audio drama will be for sale at

[Based on the Baen press release.]