Furry Future Arrives This Month

The Furry Future cover COMPThe Furry Future; 19 Possible Prognostications, edited by Fred Patten, is launching at Further Confusion 2015 in San Jose over the January 15-19 weekend, 2015.  The book can be pre-ordered online from FurPlanet.

The Furry Future contains 19 short stories and novelettes by authors from six countries (Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Singapore, and the U.S.) depicting various ways in which mankind may bioengineer one or more furry species in the future.  To be mankind’s partners?  Servants?  Or superiors?  Read The Furry Future and see.

The table of contents follows the jump.


Emergency Maintenance, by Michael H. Payne
Tow, by Watts Martin
Experiment Seventy, by J. F. R. Coates
A Bedsheet for a Cape, by Nathanael Gass
Hachimoto, by Samuel C. Conway
Vivian, by Bryan Feir
Family Bonding, by Yannarra Cheena
The Future Is Yours, by MikasiWolf
Distant Shores, by Tony Greyfox
The Analogue Cat, by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden
The Sequence, by NightEyes DaySpring
Trinka and The Robot, by Ocean Tigrox
Lunar Cavity, by Mary E. Lowd
The Darkness of Dead Stars, by Dwale
Field Research, by M. C. A. Hogarth
The Curators, by T. S. McNally
Evolver, by Cairyn (Ronald W. Klemp)
Growing Fur, by Fred Patten
Thebe and the Angry Red Eye, by David Hopkins

Thebe and the Angry Red Eye, by David Hopkins, is illustrated by Roz Gibson

Price:  $19.95.  445 pages. Wraparound cover by Teagan Gavet.

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2 thoughts on “Furry Future Arrives This Month

  1. Good news – with a number of favorite authors represented! I’ll be sure to pick this up at the convention.

    Mr. Glyer: Thanks for the pre-order link.

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