Gaiman’s New “Trigger Warning”

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman gave an interview to NPR about his new short story collection Trigger Warning.

Given a choice of excerpts to quote in this post, I naturally chose this one —

On the story ‘The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury’

I wanted to write a story for Ray Bradbury for his 90th birthday. And I started just thinking, what if I had forgotten Ray? What if I could sort of remember his stories but I’d forgotten him, I couldn’t remember his name? What if forgetting his name meant more than that? The act of forgetting him meant that perhaps he was becoming forgotten by the world. That all led me into to the idea of just writing a monologue, essentially, by a man who forgot Ray Bradbury and was just desperately trying to remember him.

The interviewer also tries to pin down Gaiman about writing a sequel to his popular 2001 book American Gods. He dances, but in the end he says he will.

3 thoughts on “Gaiman’s New “Trigger Warning”

  1. Petrea: sorry to go all Clinton, but it depends what you mean by “sequel”. ANANSI BOYS involves \one/ character (not a key one) from AMERICAN GODS — and starts with that character’s funeral, so he isn’t much in AB either. The only other god in it is (IIRC) an Old World original rather than a New World offshoot or original development. Gaiman wrote a later adventure of Shadow (the AG lead), “The Monarch of the Glen”, in LEGENDS II (an original anthology of sequels), but that was a discrete novelette. The Wikipedia entry says that in 2011 he started talking of a sequel involving the New Gods; no word on whether Shadow would reappear, but it at least sounds more related than AB was.

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