Gerhartsreiter in California

Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, a.k.a. Clark Rockefeller, was picked up in Boston by Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives and flown to California on July 6. He will be arraigned July 8 on charges of murdering John Sohus says sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore. Bail is expected to be set at $10 million.

An Associated Press story adds:

One of Gerhartsreiter’s Boston attorneys, Jeffrey Denner, said his client will plead not guilty…

 “We’re all anxious to get this going. It’s time for it to be resolved,” Denner said. “He continues to maintain that he had nothing to do with the murder of Mr. Sohus.”

…Denner has said Gerhartsreiter said he “has no idea” what happened to Jonathan and Linda Sohus and insists he had nothing to do with the couple’s disappearance.

3 thoughts on “Gerhartsreiter in California

  1. “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.” We don’t kill rabid animals out of vengeance, we kill them because they are a clear and present danger to the human community. I am not a person who kills sapient beings or likes the idea of doing so, but for Christian Gerhartsreiter I would push the plunger, again, not out of vengeance but because if given the opportunity, he will defraud again, he will kidnap again, he will murder again. He did this to a member of the science fiction community, a friend of mine, and must never be allowed to be in a position to do this again. He needs to be completely removed from the playing field of life, and never allowed back in. If it weren’t prejudicial, I’d bring him into court dressed from Silence of the Lambs — you know which scene.

    Linda Mayfield was one of best people to ever walk into Freehafer Hall. She deserves justice. The rest of us who knew her deserve justice just as much.

    I regret I will never get the opportunity to meet her husband, John Sohus. For Linda to love him he must have been truly something. I hope to never meet Chrstian Gerhartsreiter in person at all. He doesn’t meet my Social Standards.

  2. Gerhartsreiter’s arraignment today will be held at the courthouse in Alhambra reports KTLA. (And I can picture the setting, having done jury service there.)

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