Gernsback Writing Contest Winners

Gernsback Writing Contest COMPAmazing Stories’ Steve Davidson has announced the finalists in the publication’s inaugural Gernsback Writing Contest.

The top three finalists are:

  • Stuart Barton – Lost Phoenixes
  • Matthew Downer – Size of the Fight
  • Sean Monaghan – Penny of Tharsis Montes

These stories and the following seven finalists will be published on the Amazing Stories website and in the first Amazing Stories Bi-Annual anthology.

  • James Harper – A Clean Start
  • Vince Liberato – Parental Guidance Recommended
  • Jeremy Lichtman – Bob the Hipster Knight
  • Stephen Power – The Sounding Cataract
  • Alex Shvartsman – How Gaia and the Guardian Saved the World
  • Karen Skovmand – The Mesmerist
  • Trent Walters – Awake the Snorting Citizens With the Bell

The 73 contest entries were initially screened by Karen Anderson, Stephen Bianchini, R. Graeme Cameron, M. Christian, Judith K. Dial, Dianne Lynne Gardner, David Hardy, Jack Hillman, Michaele Jordan and Ann Stolinsky. Then the finalists were picked from the 18 entries they approved by Cat Rambo (SFWA President), Dave Creek, and Jack Clemons.

In addition to “certificates suitable for framing,” the top three finalists will receive 6 cents per word prize money (up to $120.00 each), and when the anthology is released, all ten finalists will be paid 6 cents per word.

4 thoughts on “Gernsback Writing Contest Winners

  1. Congratulations to the winners! I’m hoping this is a milestone in the process of getting Amazing Stories back in the game as a paying market for fiction.

    I was an entrant in this one, and was mildly disappointed when my story reached the finals round but didn’t make the cut. But that’s okay. It’s already been tightened up a bit and is out in the slush piles elsewhere . . .

  2. Congrats to the winners (also can’t wait to read everyone else’s story) – but an especial congratulation to Steve Davidson. I’m eagerly watching him bring Amazing Stories back to life. Reincarnation as a spectator sport!

  3. Many congratulations to the winners! There was a wealth of good ones to choose from, and I enjoyed the chance to read them all.

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