Ghostbusters 2016 Character Vignettes

Sony released four new Ghostbusters character vignettes yesterday, and I’ve included the fifth (from April) to complete the set.

GHOSTBUSTERS Character Vignette – Abby (Melissa McCarthy)

If you want someone who’ll believe you, call Abby Yates. If you want someone to complain to, call someone who cares.


GHOSTBUSTERS Character Vignette – Erin (Kristen Wiig)

Erin Gilbert. Renowned quantum physicist and number 436 on Amazon’s bestselling paranormal author list!


GHOSTBUSTERS Character Vignette – Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon)

Meet Holtzmann: prototype is her type.


GHOSTBUSTERS Character Vignette – Patty (Leslie Jones)

Patty Tolan carries the weight of NY on her shoulders, which just happens to look like the demon ghost of your mother-in-law.


GHOSTBUSTERS Character Vignette – Kevin (Chris Hemsworth)

April 27th is Administrative Professionals Day, and the new Ghostbusters’ assistant, Kevin (Chris Hemsworth), is here to remind you to celebrate your assistant tomorrow.


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2 thoughts on “Ghostbusters 2016 Character Vignettes

  1. Favorite comment seen on io9 about this: “Vingnettes? Are they going to make everything female?”

  2. I missed this when it was on io9. This is the first thing I’ve seen that actually has me wanting to really really see this movie, instead of being somewhat interested. Thanks.

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