Glasgow in 2024 Bid Polls Presupporters About Possible Guests of Honor

The Glasgow in 2024 Worldcon bid is inviting their presupporters to contribute Guest of Honor suggestions.

They are not soliciting responses from the unaffiliated public, but if someone who has not already signed up to support does so before the survey closes on December 31 they will be able to submit suggestions for the GoH process. 

The Glasgow in 2024 bid is currently unopposed. The 2024 site selection vote will occur next year.

The announcement on Facebook explains how the survey works:

Glasgow in 2024 wants to hear from you! If you are a supporter of Glasgow in 2024 you are invited to contribute to our survey for Guest of Honour suggestions.

Guests of Honour (GoH) of Worldcons are people who have made a significant contribution to science fiction and fantasy, and the list of previous Worldcon Guests of Honour represents many of the most notable figures in the genre.

The contribution may be of any kind and past Guests of Honour have included authors, editors, performers, artists, games designers, scientists, and fans. A Worldcon honours and celebrates them by highlighting their contributions and by inviting them to play a special role in the convention. The choice of GoHs is therefore one of the most important decisions that the committee makes. The genre is wide, and we want to capture as many varied suggestions as possible.

How does the process work?

As a supporter, you will be emailed with a link to the survey and invited to suggest as few or as many names as you want. A name is enough, but there is an optional section to write in some brief reasons why this person would make a good Guest of Honour, and to provide a link to relevant work that they may have produced (a Wikipedia page is great, for example).

The survey will be open until 31-December-2021, and thereafter the bid committee will review all suggested names.

We will use these names to help us select the Guests of Honour who best represent Glasgow in 2024. This discussion will be private, and we will not release the list of people suggested. A suggestion is just that, it does not mean automatic conferment of a Guest of Honour title (we are hoping to gather hundreds of names!). However, each submitted name will be considered.

Similarly, we are looking for a list of many names, not for the number of times any one name has been suggested. Our decisions may not be the most popular suggestions. There are many reasons for this, but a practical reason might be that the person refuses or is unavailable over the dates we propose. However, the more people you suggest the wider our pool for consideration will be.

If you want to feed into the process and haven’t yet supported us, then join the bid via our supporter page

As the announcement says, “This discussion will be private, and we will not release the list of people suggested,” because it is a custom that Worldcon bids do not reveal their prospective GoHs to avoid any impression that site selection is a vote for or against creators the bids want to honor.

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