Godzilla Fiat TV Commercial

By James H. Burns: I think movies have to be pretty careful about overextending their ad campaigns with product tie-in commercials (007 for Heineken, those Enterprise-bridge ads, the plethora of Lone Ranger spots, and some of those borderline creepy Burger King commercials for the new X-Men movie… But this Godzilla ad I just caught, is actually pretty neat!

6 thoughts on “Godzilla Fiat TV Commercial

  1. The Fiat commercial is inaccurate about Godzilla’s eating habits anyway. I make no claim to be a Toho films expert, but in none of the films I’ve seen has he deliberately eaten a human, unlike the Rhedosaurus of THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS (*), which picked up an NYPD flatfoot by the head at the neckline, showing the claymation arms and legs of the cop writhing in the air before the Rhedosaur tossed its head back and swallowed him whole, probably the most genuinely disturbing scene of the film. Besides, the only metal vehicles which wound up in Godzilla’s mouth were by reflex, and he spit them out immediately.

    The wooden Roller Coaster at the old Long Beach Pike doubled for the Coney Island coaster in 20,000 FATHOMS.

    (*) One fathom equals six feet, so 20,000 fathoms is 120,000 feet, a bit over three times the depth of the Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench, the deepest known existing ocean floor. James Cameron may be annoying to Harlan Ellison and others, but his dive to the bottom there, alone, shows he has giant Mythril cojones, for certain.

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