GoFundMe for Peri the Potter

Peri Charlifu

Peri Charlifu

Peri Charlifu, recently Windycon 41 Artist Guest of Honor, was hospitalized in March with a dissolving and gangrenous appendix.

A GoFundMe has been started to help with his medical and other bills. Ordinarily he’d be out selling at a show or convention about once a week, so his business is taking a hit. He’s got wedding plans in his future, too!

The Peri the Potter GoFundMe raised over $4,000 of its $11,900 goal on the first day.

Peri is a Colorado pottery and graphic artist who has mentored many new artists throughout his 35-year career. He is the founder and guild master of the Arts and Artisans of Colorado artist’s guild.

Peri works mainly in a high density mix of porcelain and white stoneware – see his work at Aegean Goods or on his Facebook page.

[Via Steven H Silver.]

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  1. Thanks for the pointer. Peri is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and his pottery is awesome.

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