Graeme: CFF Award Certificates in the Mail

By R. Graeme Cameron: Taral Wayne has completed the Certificates for the winners of the 2011 Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards. Copies have already been emailed to the winners, to be followed up by hard copies printed on acid-free 25% cotton paper. I attach a copy of the Life-Time Achievement certificate as an example.

I requested the certificate show a 1950s style astronaut (with a mimeo for his back pack) gazing over an alien terrain, with any bits of SF business Taral might care to add in homage to SF TV, Film, Comics, Movies, etc. He put in ten that I can see. I list them at the end of this article.

Taral has produced a wonderful piece of art that captures the wimsey, fun, and joy of fanzine publishing. I’m blown away by it. More than I expected. I am confident that future winners of the ‘Faneds’ will be pleased to receive these certificates in the years to come.

Note that the actual ‘Faned’ Award figure is still being sculpted by Lawrence Prime and is coming along quite nicely as depicted on the cover of my Fanactical Fanactivist #5.

Cheers!   Graeme (CFFA Administrator)

1)      Upper left corner – Avro Arrow.
2)      On planetary rings – Red Dwarf space bug.
3)      In helmet – shock of hair  = Tin Tin.
4)      Beneath backpack – Kirk vs. Gorn.
5)      To right of knees – City from The Jetsons.
6)      Next right – Apes & 2001 Monolith.
7)      Next right – Galileo 7 Shuttle from Star Trek.
8)      Next right – Tardis from Dr. Who.
9)      Next right – Robot from Roger Ramjet.
10)   Below – Barlennan from ‘Mission of Gravity’.

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  1. I still have the urge to tinker with it… Only just this moment I’ve come up with a better idea for that Star Trek shuttle. There’s already one Trek reference, so why not the Sand Crawler from Star Wars instead? For that matter, why not something from Alien? Maybe next year… its easier to add and subtract this sort of kipple than most people probably think.

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