Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 2016

le grand prix l imagination

The winners of the 2016 Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire have been announced. (For English translations of the titles read the coverage at Europa SF.)

The award recipients were chosen by a jury consisting of writers, critics, journalists, and translators: Joëlle Wintrebert, Jean-Luc Rivera, Pascal Patoz, Bruno Para, Jean-Claude Dunyach, François Angelier, Sandrine Brugot-Maillard, Olivier Legendre, Jean-Claude Vantroyen.

The Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire will be presented this weekend at the Étonnants Voyageurs (Amazing Travellers – International Book & Film Festival) in Saint-Malo, May 14-16.

Roman francophone / Novel in French

  • Lum’en de Laurent Genefort (Bélial’)

Roman étranger / Foreign Novel

  • LoveStar d’Andri Snær Magnason (Zulma)

Nouvelle francophone / Short Fiction in French

  • Ethfrag de Laurent Genefort (in Bifrost n° 78)

Nouvelle étrangère /Foreign Short Fiction

  • La Ménagerie de papier (recueil) de Ken Liu (Bélial’)

Roman jeunesse francophone / Novels for youth in French

  • La Passe-Miroir, tomes 1 & 2 de Christelle Dabos (Gallimard Jeunesse)

Roman jeunesse étranger / Foreign novels for youth

  • Stone Rider de David Hofmeyr (Gallimard Jeunesse)

Prix Jacques Chambon de la traduction / Jacques Chambon Translation Prize

  • Jacques Barbéri pour L’Évangile selon Eymerich de Valerio Evangelisti (La Volte)

Prix Wojtek Siudmak du graphisme / Wojtek Siudmak Graphic Design prize

  • Laurent Gapaillard pour La Passe-Miroir, tomes 1 & 2 de Christelle Dabos (Gallimard Jeunesse)

Essai / Essay

  • Effets spéciaux : deux siècles d’histoires de Pascal Pinteau (Bragelonne)

Prix spécial

  • Natacha Vas-Deyres & Richard Comballot pour les Carnets chronolytiques de Michel Jeury, aux Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux

2 thoughts on “Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 2016

  1. Actually, the award goes to a full collection of Ken Liu’s major works, titled after the rightly famed short story. I think the TOC might differ from what can be found in “The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories”, but there are also stories such as “Mono No Aware” or “The Bookmaking Habits of Selected Species” in the french collection. Anyway, this award shoud be seen as a reckognition to Ken Liu’s short work as a whole.

    Congratulations to the other winners. I take note that the GPI has a special eye for books not originaly written in english when it comes to best translated novel (this year, “LoveStar” was translated from icelandic). I appreciate the effort to bring other litteratures under the spotlight.

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