Group Forms To Explore 2024 UK Worldcon Bid

A team has formed to discuss bidding for a UK Worldcon in 2024. They have issued a statement inviting interested people to join the discussion:

At Novacon in Nottingham, UK (November 13-14), it was announced that a group has been set up to explore bidding for a UK Worldcon in 2024.

This was announced by the Co-Chair of Loncon 3, Alice Lawson, and is a result of the huge amount of enthusiasm generated by Loncon 3 in 2014.

The group, started by James Bacon, Emma England, Esther MacCallum-Stewart and Vanessa May, is now actively seeking and welcoming people to join and widen the discussion. The group is growing rapidly. Experienced fans who have worked on Worldcons, Eurocons and National conventions are already joining. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity to bring fandoms together and build upon the great work done at Loncon 3.

Those already part of the group encourage everyone interested — no matter their experience, location or fandom — to become part of the discussion group. If you are interested, please email

Click on the link for a lineup of other future Worldcon bids.

[Thanks to Esther MacCallum-Stewart  for the story.]

5 thoughts on “Group Forms To Explore 2024 UK Worldcon Bid

  1. A WONDERFUL idea! I’d love to get involved and will join that discussion group. Loncon 3 was one of the best experiences of my life and I’m very ready to return…

    Curt Phillips
    2014 TAFF Delegate to Loncon 3

  2. Worldcon in France is live and real. I had an email convo with Albert Aribaud recently and they are working, no city chosen yet, but early days still.

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