3 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer #2

  1. I’m pretty sure I can. To me, this Guardians stuff is right out of the blue. It has none of the well-tempered, richly tapestried mystique of a Spiderman or Batman. Until rumours of this movie began to circulate a while ago, I’d never heard of this Guardians comic. When I visited a comics store down the street about three weeks ago, I asked if this Guardians thing was new or popular? Apparently, it has been around for a while, and sells enough comics that Marvel hasn’t axed it. Still, I’d never heard of it. I browsed through one and found it over-busy and full of everything but the kitchen sink. Some comics have an intrinsic sense of their own character — Watchmen, Hell Boy, League of Gentleman. Guardians looked more like a Will Elder parody of itself to me. I won’t be lining up at the box office for this one, I’m afraid.

  2. Being familiar with the series and the comics issues would breed some anticipation. But I don’t always need to know the source of something to prejudge it.

    Though I have tried to avoid trying to think, when I read a book or a comic, to automaticly assure myself “this would make a great movie.” There is one other area that makes me snort nonsensicly, and that is, when presented with a great anime film, like AKIRA, someone thought it would make a great live action film.

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