Halloween Weather

A year ago today Hurricane Sandy made landfall. What’s the weather like today, James H. Burns?

Amazing to me, to think just one year ago, Sandy had already begun to hit us here on Long Island. (And that’s Betina Blackjack, one of — I suppose you could say — my Heinlein cats!) This afternoon, as you can see, it’s serene.

Betina Blackjack. Photo by James H. Burns.

Betina Blackjack. Photo by James H. Burns.

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One thought on “Halloween Weather

  1. It was raining here a few minutes ago.

    Last year, I was watching the house, obsessively checking for leaks, and looking out the garage and feeling the force of the wind. I had the day office, initially to go to court over an auto accident (my car was totaled). Traffic was barred from the roads, and I was told to ignore the warrent for my arrest that came a few days later.

    I’m still not sure how my wife and son could go to sleep.

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