Hamilton and Hogwarts

Emma Watson and Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton) got together to promote gender equality and International Women’s Day — however, the videos they made were just released March 17.

Daily Mail reports Miranda asked Watson to sort Hamilton characters into Hogwarts houses:

Watson then put Alexander Hamilton into Gryffindor, but Miranda then revealed that when he asked Daniel Radcliffe the same question he put the US politician into Ravenclaw.

‘I’m going to have to call him about this,’ said Watson.


Watson also made an attempt at beatboxing in time as Miranda rapped about feminism for International Women’s Day.

The rapper then kicked off with a freestyle rhyme: ‘Yo it’s Lin and I have to laugh because we are all half.’
‘Women are half of the people on Earth / And yes, they should’ve been equal since birth,’ he went on to explain.


2 thoughts on “Hamilton and Hogwarts

  1. This is great. It’s nice to see two creative people who are able to enjoy their situations within fandoms enjoying interacting.

  2. If we could somehow figure out how to convert Lin-Manuel Miranda’s charisma to a power source, we’d be set! Sheesh, he is one charming and engaging guy. (And the line from the opening song about “got a lot farther by working a lot harder”? He’s been doing eight shows a week, on top of appearing at the White House and everything else.)

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