Hamit Back on the Air

Francis Hamit returns to Jim Lynch’s radio program “Everything Is Broken” on Tuesday, April 30, talking about the West, Texas tragedy.

The fertilizer plant blew up, killed 15 people and destroyed much of the town. “It didn’t have to happen,” says Hamit, “and I’ll be discussing that with Jim. I used to be a Security Consultant and have some knowledge in this area.”

This code will take you to the online broadcast. Hamit is scheduled for 10:20 AM PDT, but the timing may not be precise because it’s a public radio station and they are fund-raising.

2 thoughts on “Hamit Back on the Air

  1. Those volunteer firemen were the literal embodiment of what Heinlein described in Starship Troopers and his 1973 Naval Academy speech. They were volunteers who literally put their bodies between destruction and their town and homes. It isn’t that they were overwhelmed, it’s that the were *there* which makes them heroes. They voted with their lives, every day up to the end.

    Their names *shine*!

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