Hamit Will Talk Shop About Christopher Marlowe in LA 3/19

Francis Hamit will speak about his Christopher Marlowe film project to the Los Angeles chapter of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers  on March 19.

The upcoming film about the poet, playwright and spy who helped to defeat the Spanish Armada is a thriller based on the 1988 stage play about Christopher Marlowe’s service as a secret agent for the Crown. The film will be shot in the UK later this year and Francis Hamit will serve as the Executive Producer.

Hamit, a member of AFIO since 1987, says: “’Former’ spooks are a core audience and I write what I know.”

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  1. I brought Mike Donahue , who will direct the film, with me and we both spoke to a small but appreciative audience of people who have served in the U.S. Intelligence Community. We has copies of previous versions of the screenplay with us and sold some of those. A hint for collectors: we have a few more and will sign them. Also t-shirts.

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