Hampus Eckerman’s Cabinets of Curiosities

Filer taking home collection to Worldcon 75

By Hampus Eckerman: It was a simple tweet from Worldcon 75. They were looking for exhibits or fan projects to display. And with no impulse control, I found that I had volunteered about 10 minutes later. And after much to and fro, I have gotten a little nerd space of my own. Two glass cabinets with strange curiosities and an attached wall space of around 3.5 x 2 meters (12 x 7 feet).

So what will I display? I’m not sure of what to name it. A Halloween collection is one name for it, but it is mostly a collection of weirdness, curiosities and strange things, bought in approximately 50 different countries. I have human brains from a Swedish effects studio, I have devil masks from Panama, skeleton figures from Mexico, a mummified opossum from Chicago, a mouse with a punk mohawk from Los Angeles, snakewine from North Korea and much more. I also have pictures from the 20 different countries I traveled to together with a plush Cthulhu, visiting things such as the penis festival of Kawasaki and the cockroach races of Brisbane.

And of course, I have Fred, the Skull-Faced Lynx.

What I will be able to bring will be decided by how much I can fit into a car together with three persons and their luggage. But I hope people will have some fun looking at and discussing all the weirdness I have collected over the years.

11 thoughts on “Hampus Eckerman’s Cabinets of Curiosities

  1. Has Kitteh Vlad met Fred? That would explain why he’s so good with Zombies.

  2. How interesting! Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry that I won’t get to see it in person.

  3. I’m really sorry I won’t see this in person. I love curiosities and these are extra curious.

  4. “Does Ann Leckie know there is a penis festival of Kawasaki?”

    There is a vagina festival in Japan too, but it was in another part of the country at another time.

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