Happy 79th Harlan Ellison

EllisonIn honor of Harlan Ellison’s 79th birthday here is a Top 10 list of the most-read File 770 posts about him:

1. Harlan Ellison 2010 Grammy Nominee
2. #4 With A Bullet
3. Ellison Coming To The Simpsons
4. Ellison’s Health Overshadows Hall of Fame Induction
5. Casting To Type
6. Ellison’s Big Pair
7. Tarpinian: Harlan’s Back!
8. Jamie Ford Buys Ellison’s First Typewriter
9. Courthouse on the Edge of Forever
10. Rule Makers and Rule Breakers

And here’s a bonus: a 30-second clip of Harlan as himself conversing with “H.P. Hatecraft” in the Scooby-Doo episode “Shrieking Madness.”

4 thoughts on “Happy 79th Harlan Ellison

  1. I have no idea if Harlan ever reads these comments – unless, of course, they’re of the incendiary variety – but allow me to say “Happy birthday, Harlan!” There. Now I can go scoop dog doo-doo out of our backyard.

  2. I’d have written that too, but the last time I spoke to Ellison he was not polite.

    The comments? I’m sure he gets them from a few of his gophers who forward him information, since there were websites with content removed at his insistence. Some of them included photographs of HE, and one was a faux interview with HE.

  3. While I’m always appreciative for the comments here, if you want to reach Harlan directly it is quite easy to post birthday wishes as well as other comments on the visitors’ forum at his website. I don’t have any reason to think he reads this blog, however, there are fans who keep track of Ellison references online and post links there to the more significant items.

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