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New Ellison works are being released in May by Skyboat Media and HarlanEllisonBooks.com.

Right now Skyboat Media is distributing copies of the full cast audiobook of Harlan Ellison’s City on the Edge of Forever to Kickstarter donors. The recording goes on sale later this month.

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May 1, 2016
We have completed the Backers’ Version of the production and it begins to distribute to them exclusively this week, before it goes on sale on this website later in the month. Click here for the Full Cast List.

To clarify, this book contains Harlan Ellison’s original teleplay; NOT the one eventually filmed. This is the episode which won the Writers’ Guild Award for best dramatic hour-long script. The filmed teleplay also won Harlan a Hugo Award. The book also contains Harlan’s Essay on the controversy backstory, and several tributes from his colleagues.


Harlan Ellison reads the Perils of the City (Introductory Essay)


March 21, 1966                          Robert Forster
May 13, 1966                             Orson Scott Card


Captain James T. Kirk                John Rubinstein
Mr. Spock                                      Scott Brick
Edith Keeler                                 Jean Smart
The Guardian of Forever           Stefan Rudnicki
The Trooper                                 Harlan Ellison
Dr. McCoy/The Orator              Richard Gilliland
Beckwith                                       Richard McGonagle
LeBeque                                        Alex Hyde-White
Janice Rand                                 Judy Young
The Cook                                      Jim Meskimen
The Janitor/Renegade              Paul Boehmer
Transporter Chief                       Larry Nemecek
Crew Member                             Veronica Scott
Tricorder                                     Gabrielle de Cuir


Prologue                                   LeVar Burton
Act One                                     David Gerrold
Act Two                                     Paul Boehmer
Act Three                                  Jim Meskimen
Act Four                                    Richard Gilliland
Epilogue                                   Jean Smart

2nd Revised Final Draft         Stefan Rudnicki


PETER DAVID                              Stefan Rudnicki
D.C. FONTANA                            D. C. Fontana
DAVID GERROLD                       David Gerrold
DeFOREST KELLEY                   Richard Gilliland
WALTER KOENIG                      Stefan Rudnicki
LEONARD NIMOY                     LeVar Burton
GEORGE TAKEI                          Alex Hyde-White

THE ESSAYS (Original Material for the Audio Edition each narrated by the author)

Ryan C. Britt
Larry Nemecek
Richard J. Brewer

HarlanEllisonBooks.com, has a pair of new collections on sale:

Brain Movies: The Original Teleplays of Harlan Ellison, Volume Seven

BM7-20160502-824x1024 Rotsler COMP

Esper In 1968, Harlan Ellison wrote a detailed treatment for a TV movie intended to spawn a series. Readers of Stephen King’s 1979 novel THE DEAD ZONE might wonder if Harlan Ellison could see the future…

The Tigers Are Loose Inspired by the practice of the psychiatrist who treated mass murderer Richard Speck after his capture, this teleplay for an unproduced 1975 movie-of-the-week highlights Harlan Ellison’s ability to deliver a suspenseful thriller despite the unwillingness of NBC’s censors to allow violence on the network’s air.

The Last Person to Marry a Duck Lived 300 Years Ago

Ellison marry a duck COMP

Previously Uncollected Non-Fiction:

  • Infamy, Infamy, They’ve All Got it in fa Me!
  • Ask Uncle Harlan (a short-lived column)
  • Strangers in a Strange Land
  • Struggling for Interior Logic
  • The Brides of Sheckenstein
  • Tolerable Terror, or To Read Him Is to Fear Him
  • The Pitch (a short-lived column)
  • An Untitled, Yet Antagonistic, Essay of Approximately 2700 Contumelious but Logical Words (previously unpublished)
  • The Streets (a short-lived column)
  • Abiding with Sturgeon: The Minstral in the Bijou
  • Ellison’s Folly, or Horrors in the House of Glass
  • The Captain of Fate
  • I Had a Thought Today (a short-lived column)
  • Terrorists
  • …and more

The cover photo on this volume of Brain Movies was taken by William Rotsler, and the portrait of Ellison on the second book is by Steve Barber (you can see more of Steve’s work here.)

Jason Davis, editor of HarlanEllisonBooks.com says for the time being these two books will be sold as a set, and will contain bonus material for those who purchase them in the first month of release

The price for the set is $80 plus shipping. Davis further explains —

For many reasons (all of which are detailed here), this release will be different from our previous solicitations:

  1. We will be taking pre-orders (which will commence as soon as Harlan’s approved the proofs).
  2. The pre-orders will be fulfilled by HarlanEllisonBooks.com rather than CreateSpace or Amazon.
  3. The pre-ordered books will contain material that WILL NOT be included IF we offer the books via Amazon or other distributors.

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