Harry Turtledove Previews Series
for Cancer Patient

Nachu Bhatnagar, a terminal cancer patient, had a wish – to find out how Harry Turtledove’s series The War That Came Early would end. His friend used the Reddit community to broadcast that wish and in the end Harry Turtledove answered the call.

See the video of Nachu receiving a galley of the latest book in the series [YouTube file]. Turtledove has also agreed to a phone conversation where he will discuss what will happen in the books to come.

This story is especially interesting to me because the day the original request was posted it was some non-fan friends I know through an online sports simulation site who brought to my attention the call for help in reaching Harry Turtledove. They asked “Don’t you know him?”

Harry’s so accessible and easygoing I felt sure he’d want to know about this. As it happened, the hours that passed before I got their message were enough time for Harry’s own daughters to see the request and take care of forwarding it themselves. It’s no surprise that Harry was touched by the situation and helped that fellow’s dream come true.

[Thanks to Michael Walsh for the story.]