HBO, Disney, DC and Marvel Royalty

Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Using Machiavelli’s leadership grading system, Cracked gives Daenerys Targaryen an average of B- for leadership skills.

(2) Tyrion’s genius. Tyrion survives by reading people and giving them what they want.

(3) Batman director Matt Reeves scraps Ben Affleck’s script

(4) Entertainment Weekly delves into the background of the Black Panther movie director.

(5) New Rockstars delves deep into Game of Thrones.

(6) New Rockstars delves deep into Wonder Woman.

(7) HBO does documentary on Spielberg’s career

(8) Stan Lee receives Disney Legends Award

(9) Disney honors Jack Kirby

(10)  Benedict Cumberbatch does Doctor Who, Anakin Skywalker, Mario Brothers, Willie Wonka

5 thoughts on “HBO, Disney, DC and Marvel Royalty

  1. What book is Stan talking about, though? Was there an ART OF WALT DISNEY book published in 1930-32, when Stan would have been 8-10?

  2. Looking online, I’m seeing a number of Disney books from that time period, but no “Art of Walt Disney.” My guess at present would be that he’s misremembering the title.

  3. For example, in 1931 there’s a Mickey Mouse Story Book and an Adventures of Mickey Mouse book.

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