Hear Your 2011 TAFF Candidates

Jim Mowatt has posted a TAFF podcast featuring  interviews with all four candidates.

Elsewhere, Graham Charnock’s campaign has gone into artistic overdrive with new poster designs. Click the link for his Special TAFF Offer of 4 laminated badges and an A3 campaign poster, yours for £3.00/$5.00 cheques made payable to TAFF (or via PayPal to stevegreen (at) livejournal (dot) com)

I sure hope my nominee Paul Treadway has some ideas for keeping pace with the dread Charnock Machine!

[Thanks to Steve Green for the story.]

2 thoughts on “Hear Your 2011 TAFF Candidates

  1. I paused the podcast to go get a coffee, came back in a minute, and discovered that clicking the button to resume play actually made the whole thing start over. Then discovered no control to make the cast go forward to a spot further in than the beginning. How disappointing. I assume this is not typical of podcasts.

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