Heinlein Makes the Cut

Robert A. Heinlein finished second to Andrew Taylor Still in voting for the Missouri Hall of Fame, which should qualify him as one of a pair of inductees being selected by an online poll.

Andrew Taylor Still is the father of osteopathy and the founder of the American School of Osteopathy (now A.T. Still University) in Kirksville, Missouri.

Voting numbers were not displayed online, only a bar graph showing relative support.

Although Heinlein had a commanding lead earlier this week, Still benefited from a last-minute push by several Missouri TV stations, judging by entries on their Facebook pages.

A third inductee will be chosen by the Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives. Perhaps it will be third-pace finisher Claude T. Smith, a renowned composer whose works include Flight, commissioned by the Air Force Band in 1984 and adopted as the “official march” of the Smithsonian Institute’s National Air and Space Museum. The online graph shows he enjoyed a wide margin of support over artist Rose O’Neill who ranked fourth.

2 thoughts on “Heinlein Makes the Cut

  1. I’ve played several of Smith’s compositions for wind band, and in my opinion he deserves the honor. I know nothing about Rose O’Neill, and I’ll refrain from saying much about my opinions on non-evidence-based “medicine”.

  2. A friend went to a library fundraiser book sale. He scored a first edition of Stranger in a Strange Land in decent condition and a dust jacket. Not bad for a book for a 52 year old book.

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