Heinlein Society and Biographer at Loscon 37

I’m putting together the program for Loscon 37, which takes place Thanksgiving weekend (Fri-Sun) in Los Angeles at the LAX Marriott. Over 75 writers, artists, editors, filmmakers, and (of course!) fans have already agreed to participate. This post launches a series of highlights I hope will make you interested in coming to the con.

William Patterson Jr., author of the new biography Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century, Volume 1 (1907-1948): Learning Curve, will speak about the Dean of Science Fiction on a panel at Loscon.

He’ll be joined by Dr. Robert James of whom Patterson says, “He’s the authority on Leslyn Heinlein and at the Heinlein centennial interviewed the last surviving Heinlein relative who knew Heinlein’s first wife, Elinor Curry. He’s one of the main people I leaned on for help while writing the book.”

And the Heinlein Society, led by new President Mike Sheffield, will hold its annual membership meeting on Saturday at Loscon. Mike writes:

Anyone is welcome to attend. We’re a non-profit, so all our business is a matter of public record. Only Heinlein Society members can vote on the board positions that are up for re-election, of course. But the official business will probably not fill the entire time slot, and we’re looking forward to having people ask questions get to know us during the remaining time.

Update 09/30/2010: Corrected to Dr. Robert James.

6 thoughts on “Heinlein Society and Biographer at Loscon 37

  1. I bet the first volume will be fascinating — I can’t wait to steal a copy from the public library. Volume two will be about his career as a science fiction writer, and likely lose my interest. And I’m afraid Volume three will be about Heinlein as a God, and may only interest True Believers. Well… we’ll see. Most books about writers tend to be like that, even when only one volume long. The Bradbury one was, the Clarke one was, the P.K. Dick was, and I’m told the new Kornbluth one is…

    Why should SF biographies be different from Hollywood bios? They’re all written by fans in the strictest sense. : )

  2. Isn’t the person joining Patterson named Robert James, not Robert James Heinlein? Or am I misreading your post somehow?

  3. A triology of only two volumes? What will they think of next.

    Seriously, though, I did go to the link, but didn’t find a download anywhere there.

  4. “Seriously, though, I did go to the link, but didn’t find a download anywhere there.”

    I hadn’t thought Google Books required instructions, but I suggest using your scroll keys, Page Up and Page Down, or space bar, to scroll and read.

    Alternatively, use your mouse pointer to pull the indicator on the scroll bar up and down.

    I’d suggest also clicking on the “Full Screen” icon for ease of reading.

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